Saturday, December 5, 2009

Question Of The Day ?

Ready here goes... Is a half marathon going to be harder than giving birth to a 9 pound baby naturally? I've done that and I am starting to wonder if this will be more difficult. My training is paying off I can feel my body getting stronger however at mile 10 while my heart is pounding and my lungs are aching and my legs are hurting and I must propel my body forward in strides that keep me going at a pace of running will it actually be more work than birth? Tell me what you think, of coarse if you haven't given birth I am not sure your opinion counts ....I will try to stay open minded


  1. No way - natural childbirth WAY more difficult than running the Half. Think of it this way, you've now run up through 10 miles (that's more than 75% of the way). I'd say this puts you at complete effacement, full dilation, and the baby's descended (not crowning just yet)... the contractions are getting stronger and closer together... you're thinking, 'maybe I should have gotten that epidural back at 3 centimeters like they offered me.'

    Of course, with childbirth, there's no turning back - you MUST finish. With the half, you can always back out, so the will-power and motivation are different. While the half may not be a situation where you MUST finish... it's certainly a situation where you MUST convince yourself that you WILL finish.

    Press on. Don't waste yourself early on. You are only racing yourself.

  2. like I said I would try to keep an open mind from someone who has never given chidlbirth, so your points are well taken and definitely sounds like you've been pretty close at a few of those events. for the record I never thought that I should've gotten the epidural at any point my mind was made up going in ... so I guess that means that I won't question myself on the run ! Thanks for the encouragement Dan