Friday, December 4, 2009

BRRR It's Cold Outside

Haven't written in awhile. It was funny as soon as I decided to write ablog I seemed to go blank quickly there after with words to write.Oh well, that is just a part of my journey. I was sick for one long week and wasn't running. Back on track now. Had a couple of runs while in LA visiting for Thanksgiving. That was sureeal to run around areas where I grew up.. Now a grown woman on a mission for this marathon. Just a reminder that you never know where you will be in the future.
Jim and I headed out early this morning and it was cooold. Running quickly is much easier it is actually necessary just to get your body warmed up as fast as you can. My time seems to be improving but I fiqure come mile 10 I make no prediction or assumption of how my body will perform.
Plan on running in the morning and on Sunday I am going for another 7 miler. My mind doesn't seem to have as much negative things to say to me now it has become more about challengiing myself, running faster and farther than I really want to because it is hard and that is never fun.
While in LA someone asked me why?
Why , what I said. Why do you want to run a marathon? Someone else there who had run marathons said I totally understand. I am not really doing this for any other reason than to prove to myself that I can and to get through the finish line.
I guess sometimes in life you reach a certain place and you need to know that you can set a goal, train for it, moved towards it and have victory over it! I am not a particularily driven person but I like to think I can do what I put my mind to with the help of my God.
Of coarse now that the goal has been set there are more reasons to achieve it, I can't let me kids down and they are watching as I struggle to catch my breath on the way in the door after a run, they see me laving whn I don't feel like it that day. They are proud of me and I want them to be. I want them to take a lesson from my exsample of perserverance.
No work tomorrow won't hav eto run so early, good it won't be so cooold. Till then ...

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