Sunday, November 1, 2009

Words Have Power

I ran 6 miles on Saturday and I knew that pushing myself would feel great. I was away for a couple of days in LA and saw people I have known for my whole life for a funeral. I hesitated to let these people in on my journey. Although I love them very much they are on the fringe of my life and who I am. I went ahead and mentioned this half marathon I was set to run in January and one women in particular in true form , commented that my pace was not running, "That is walking!" I was immediately sorry that I had shared this new journey and wished I could just walk away from the conversation. I said something like, "Well although it may be slow I am not walking my feet are moving in a run." Another commented on the course for the Carlsbad marathon and how she had been on it and it was very "hilly". I told her no we have seen the course and spoken with people who say it is a perfect half marathon for just the reason that there are no hills. Not backing down she insisted that it was a hard and hilly course.

These words rolled around in my head from Wednesday until Saturday as I started out on my run, I was beginning to get ticked that I was so affected by these words but knowing they were affecting me because of my own insecurities. I am still struggling with the idea that I am a runner and when someone challenged that I am not, it upset me. (maybe because I am ) I pondered the truth that words have power but that perhaps I had the power what I did with them. Words can encourage, inspire, insult, infuriate , isolate and so much more. I wanted to own my reaction to those words that kept swirling around in my head and use them for my good whether that was what they were intended for or not.

So I ran with purpose and intent. I knew that improving my time was not going to happen immediately. Training your body for something is a process and I was OK with the process. I did have a time goal in mind just to keep me on track. I walked for a couple of jaunts and I ran with heart and soul. I remembered running this same path with Jim back at the beginning of the summer. I was running it in the opposite direction as the first time we ran it together. As I ran by the turn that I recalled feeling horrible at the beginning of my run last time and knowing it was almost the end of it this time, I felt good, strong, confident and not so tired. There had been improvement and the Lord wanted me to know it. I t always comforts me that in everything the Lord is at work on my behalf. I chose this route, I thought just so I could meet Jim at the church where he was working and he could drive me home. God knew it was for confirmation about the journey and that my training was paying off.

Many times when I am running I think to myself just one foot in front of the other each step counts and the stride will improve. I am so blessed that I have challenged myself physically with this run. But it brings me even more joy that as I run God challenges me spiritually. I love to grow and change and even more I love to see the fruit of that in my life.

I am a runner. I am also a child of God and I live in the truth and I know that words do have power, but God has given me the power over what I do with them!

PS Sunday morning I ran a short 2 miles but my time was shorter than usual, words can inspire!


  1. "Groan" and run it off, baby! Good going.

  2. Words DO have power and your ARE a runner! Seems like there are too many people who try and elevate themselves by reducing others. We see it all the time and too often in Christian circles. You are doing an amazing job and you will be victorious. It was so cool to see you coming up the quad at church that morning because I knew what you had accomplished. Even cooler when I found out how quickly you RAN. You are an inspiration to your family not only because of your running, but because of your walk! (with Jesus)