Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Got Nothing

Today I ran 6.72 miles!! The longest I have gone yet. I can not lie I walked the hills that were on the path. It took me forever and my hips were hurting towards the end.
I kept running waiting for some great revelation and I got nothing. I thought about many things but I just kept running.
Yesterday I got news of the death of a loved friend that I have known all of my life. When I set out to run I definitely thought I would run because he couldn't. I would run out the sadness and overwhelming sick feeling I have in my tummy every time I think of his parents and their tremendous loss.
I thought out my girls and the gift their life is to me but nothing more. My husband and how quickly life can be snatched from us. But really nothing else.

I did have a tiny little pebble in the bottom of my left shoe but never took the time to remove it. I ran the whole way, It would roll around and then get stepped on, at times I forgot it was even there until it moved itself back under my foot. A tiny little pebble.

The pebble didn't really bother me that much. It was just along for the run. I felt a bit the same. Like my body was carrying me along for the run.

I am blessed to spend the rest of the day with my family and will try to celebrate the life of Jeffrey Mesnik in my memories.


  1. Alison, sorry for your loss. Congratulations, however, on your personal record (PR) distance. Even though you didn't get the time you might have been after, getting the distance is crucial to your journey.

  2. Your ability to keep running and even set a new record with a pebble in your shoe speaks volumes. It's a wonderful picture of your tenacity.