Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sights on Santana

I set out this morning with the goal of Santana High School. I thought that would be about 5-6 miles and I was right it was just at 5 miles. I ran 6 miles a couple of days ago at Lake Murray. Saturday is a good day for a longer run because Jim is at home with the girls.
I set out and about a mile into it started my thinking, it gets me in trouble, would I be able to make it the whole way, I was feeling less than sure. I seem to have a lot of what I will call encounters once the thoughts start and then I know to pay attention there is much to gleam

1st Encounter - I saw Michell and Diane Cook and exchanged smiles and ran off with a sense that someone knew what I was out doing in the world, not for bragging rights or anything but just that sense of accomplishment being shared with others. Thanks

2nd Encounter - I turned down into the Lakeside Water Park for some scenic time on my run and was feeling a bit tired at about mile 2 which is typical and always passes but encouragement at that point always helps. Just as I was going to reach for the phone to call Jim and seek that encouragement the man up ahead on the path caught my eye. He had silver hair and a full silver beard, two beautiful dogs with him and just struck me as someone who was fit and full of joy. I almost said something like bless the Lord this morning to him but he spoke first , "you are looking good young lady, keep it up, " I kept running past and called out my appreciation for his encouragement. Not sooner than I needed it or after I had thought about it but right on time... Thanks

3rd Encounter - Up to this point my encounters have been with people but slowly I felt the thoughts and words coming to me, I began looking at the surroundings as pictures of what was being spoken and I got excited. It was familiar and comfortable and I knew to listen closely because the voice I heard was Holy. I made a left turn and kept running no longer so focused on the running but more the thoughts I ran right at the end of a dead end, a bit exasperated at first I heard, "Is is not the dead end that counts but your attitude in dealing with it" Ah ha ! I will choose to see it as extra credit on my run and turn back with a positive outlook. Thanks

I was now turning the corner out of the river walk and onto Riverford up towards Mast and I started to notice things along my path. Who had traveled here before me? What were they doing? I noticed litter and how it seemed to have a theme of sorts. Cigarette butts, empty boxes, mini liqueur bottles. As I kept running I realized that I had seen the same little bottle a few times over the last 1/2 mile or so, I wondered had it been the same person? Thoughts about the paths we take in life came to me and how we make choices to walk a certain way whether consciously or unconsciously. I had walked a different path than this in life, one that was far less healthy and proactive. I had been lost and desperate searching for a way out before. As I turned down Los Ranchitos I knew that I was coming upon an old familiar landmark in my life. Only the landmark was gone, torn down and the property was desolate except for a few trees and a large pile of rock and rubble. As the word desolate hit my mind, I began crying tears streaming down my face. I realized then and there that I could never go back to who I was then and that I no longer fit in that place. Just as in the physical those buildings that I had spent time in, laughed in, cried in, sinned in, worked in, made connections with friends in, grown in were gone so was that person. Not really revelation to me I know that I am a new creation but sometimes it just hits you and at that moment I was overwhelmed. I could no longer relate somehow to who I was but one thing about it.... I was desperate then, weak and in a position of needing strength greater than me and hear I was running by identifying that I was still that person desperate, weak and needing strength. The only difference was that now I chose to consciously walk each step knowing from whom I could find it. I cried and cried and it freed me to run fast toward the finish line. I thought it interesting that I made my call for Jim to pick me up before I hit the finish line because there was no doubt in my mind where I would finish! My goal was set and the price set before me and I know what lies ahead. VICTORY Thanks

These encounters each of them are with the living God whether through thoughts , a smile, or an exchange of conversation I meet with Him on my path and this is valuable.

I made the finish line today and was filled with the reality of my life, my husband, my kids, my God and my health and that is good for today!! Thanks

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