Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why blogging?

I turn 40 in January. I didn't set out for this goal to be my "Fit and 40" but so be it it is! My husband and I have signed up to run a half marathon in January. Money has been paid and there is no turning back now. There is a part of me that feels confident that I can accomplish this; after all I did give birth 2 times with no drugs. One was 14 hours long and the other was 9 stinking pounds!! After those experiences I was sure that I could do just about anything but there are those natural hormones running through your body clouding your mind with ideas that you are unstoppable.

I started running at the beginning of the summer and logged my every mile. I was shocked by the ability to keep moving forward despite my mind telling me that throwing up or passing out was in my near future. Then it got really HOT and I took a break for awhile. I am back at it and feeling a bit of pressure that my performance must improve in order to finish strong in January. Everyone tells me it is OK if I walk some but inside I really want to run the whole way or at least only walk for very brief spurts of time.

Why am I blogging this journey? Well in a nut shell I felt the Lord telling me to, He impressed upon me that on my path as I run the thoughts I have are valuable, to me, to my daughters and to those who would choose to take the journey with me and see what He would say. It became clear to me right out of the gate that my thoughts towards myself while I began running were filled with lies and negativity. I ran with my love (Jim) beside me and he would point out as I murmured about my lack or my slow speed or how much I was dragging, that my words were not true. I was challenged that these thoughts would keep me, slow, feeling inadequate and would not be helpful at all towards the finish line.

I began to see that the Lord wanted to replace these ideas about myself with new ones as I grew strength and ran farther, I would be transformed in my mind. So every time I would set out to run He would speak, I would feel filled with the wisdom of the Lord and with knowledge that was not my own and I would fear that I would never remember what He was saying. I love to write and as a wife, a mom , an employee, a business owner , a friend and a volunteer I seem to find little time to dedicate to this passion.

One thing led to another and I decided as silly as it seemed in my mind to start blogging about my journey to the finish line. I pray that you will find encouragement through my struggles and my triumph. That we can relate as humans beings trying to live our lives in a way that counts. I know that my running a half marathon does not end world hunger or bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ BUT maybe just maybe it will fill someone with a sense of awe because of His glory and that is a worthwhile effort.


  1. Hey sweetheart! I am so proud of you. Not just because you are training for and completing a half-marathon, but because of who are are now and your desire to follow Christ to where ever he takes you. I have seen you take on and conquer every challenge that you have taken on and I am honored to train and run with you. What a great adventure! Can't wait to cross the finish line with you. God Bless!

  2. Thou goest, girl!

    That's awesome. You've my my 100% support. Even if it means that I must do an all Alison request hour on an upcoming Tuesday night.

    My wife's training for the same deal. She's planning on doing the "triple crown" - Carlsbad, La Jolla, and America's Finest City all in the same calendar year. Crazy, but awesome, stuff.